Overview of the 2024
Fantasy Football Draft Package

Bring our Winning Draft Advisor to your Football Draft

  • Player rankings which are truly unique and custom results based on your league settings. Entering your league criteria can changes the dynamics of player valuations. As innovators in the position scarcity theory, how you draft is equally as important as who you draft.
  • Produces Rankings for Straight Draft Leagues and Auction Dollar Values for Auction/Salary Cap Leagues. Designed for Fantasy Point and Head to Head. Ability to alter stat projections as well.
  • Ease of use: download, install, & customize player projections in less than 3 minutes on any Windows based PC (Windows 11,10, 8) or Apple Mac OSX 10.10 or above.
Bring our Winning Draft Advisor to your Draft Baseball
Fantasy Projections with a Purpose

Fantasy Projections with a Purpose

  • Fantistics was the first football website to introduce the theory of position scarcity to the draft day ritual in 1999. Our draft day 2021 fantasy football projections are based on a 50 year back-tested model that has been extremely accurate in predicting player value.
  • Over the past 21 years, we have correctly forecast the statistical direction on over 7 out of 10 professional football players for their upcoming season (see the results 2020/19/18/17/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/09/08/07/06/05/04/03/02)
  • Detailed player projections showing every major statistical category for over 800 players.

Mock Draft Simulator
get you ready for Draft Day

  • The Mock Draft module within the Fantistics Player Projections program, allows fantasy GMs to practice drafting skills using our recommended VAM (Value Above Mean) draft strategy.
  • Select one of 6 different ADP models to more closely simulate your league setup. Options include ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, RTSports, and NFFC.
  • Options include 1. Drafting starting positions before reserves (recommended), 2. Having the program stop before your selection (allowing you to make selections, instead of the selected automated strategy), and 3. Recalculating Values to capture the draft “position scarcity”
Mock Draft Simulator get you ready for Draft Day
Set Your Scoring Goals

Weekly Projections & Strength of Schedule

  • Player Projections are built up on a game to game basis, allowing you to see your scoring expectations on both a Player level and Team level, assessing your bye week weaknesses.
  • We’ll highlight the needs, and show you the best available players to fulfill those needs.
  • Strength of Schedule helps you make decisions during your draft.

Customized Cheat Sheet Rankings

  • Rankings and Auction values based on your specific scoring format.
  • Rankings are color tiered to highlight tiers of players and include Average Draft Position (ADP) as a reference.
  • Color coded Customized cheat sheets/ranking lists can be printed or Exported to Excel.
Customized Cheat Sheet Rankings

Informed Start/Sit Recommendations throughout the Season

  • We post individual player recommendations for each NFL game. We post these recommendations (projected stats) based on current and historical trends. Track up to 12 fantasy teams, player tracker lets you select your team players allowing Fantistics to rank and offer weekly projections on your players.
  • Our Buy/Sell Recommendations help you manage your roster throughout the season.
  • Complete Historical Stats Databases include current and future Rankings.

Daily Analysis throughout the Season

  • Daily Injury & Player Status Insider Reports - Our Player Tracker pages, track and report all of your player news stories on one convenient page (with as many as 12 different teams). Included is our recommendations, projections, and Strength of Schedule your player's next game.
  • Our Injury & Player Status Insider Reports (which includes updates on all players) will keep you caught up daily with valuable fantasy football analysis.
  • Our Sunday Morning Informant is inside player information which comes directly from the pre-game activities conducted within NFL stadiums across the country. These player status alerts are emailed out to subscribers every Sunday morning.

Strength of Schedule Databases

  • Need to know who has the easiest and toughest remaining schedule? Each week we rank the remaining schedule for all the NFL starters and rate the opposition's defensive strength based on both Passing & Rushing criteria. The Matchup Matrix rates the quality of the team defenses that your fantasy players are starting against. Higher ratings indicate an increased probability that the player will have a big week and conversely, the lower the number, the lower the expectations.

Red Zone and Targeted Data

  • Our exclusive Red Zone databases highlights the players that are receiving opportunities in the Red Zone and those that are capitalizing on these opportunities.
  • Or Targeted and Snap count data helps fantasy GMs assess which players are seeing opportunities, which often translates to finding value outside of the traditional fantasy points scoring.